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Tom Brady

Josh McDaniels: “No Question” Tom Brady Will Be Required to Admit “Tuck Rule” Play Was a Fumble

In the world of professional football, few debates have captivated fans and pundits alike as much as the infamous “Tuck Rule” play during the 2001 AFC Divisional Playoff game between the Oakland Raiders and the New England Patriots. The ruling, which saved the Patriots’ season and propelled them to a Super Bowl victory, has long been a topic of contention. Now, in an unexpected turn of events, Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has made a bold statement, suggesting that Tom Brady will eventually be required to admit that the play was, in fact, a fumble.

Tom Brady

The Tuck Rule Incident

Before delving into McDaniels’ recent comments, it’s essential to revisit the Tuck Rule incident itself. With less than two minutes remaining in a snow-covered game, the Raiders appeared to have secured a crucial fumble recovery. Brady, attempting to bring the Patriots back from a 13-10 deficit, dropped back to pass but lost control of the ball as he attempted to tuck it away. Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson swooped in, knocking the ball loose, seemingly securing the Raiders’ win.

However, the officials reviewed the play and ultimately invoked the “Tuck Rule,” a relatively obscure rule that deemed Brady’s motion to be an incomplete forward pass rather than a fumble. The controversial call gave the Patriots new life, leading to a game-tying field goal and an eventual overtime victory. New England went on to win Super Bowl XXXVI, launching the dynasty that would dominate the NFL for the next two decades.

Josh McDaniels’ Assertion

Fast forward to the present day, and McDaniels, who was an assistant coach for the Patriots during that fateful game, has raised eyebrows with his recent comments. In an interview with a sports talk radio show, he expressed his belief that Brady will eventually be compelled to admit that the Tuck Rule play was, indeed, a fumble. While McDaniels did not provide concrete evidence to support his assertion, he hinted at an impending revelation that could change the narrative surrounding the play forever.

The Impact of McDaniels’ Statement

McDaniels’ statement has sparked considerable speculation and debate within the football community. Many have questioned his motives for making such a claim, suggesting that he may be attempting to shift the focus away from other controversial moments throughout Brady’s career. Others believe that McDaniels may possess insider knowledge or evidence that has yet to be revealed.

If McDaniels’ prediction comes to fruition and Brady does admit that the Tuck Rule play was a fumble, it would undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences. The ruling has been a point of contention for years, with Raiders fans feeling robbed of a potential Super Bowl run. Moreover, critics have argued that the Tuck Rule was eventually abolished, further reinforcing the notion that the call was incorrect.


The “Tuck Rule” play has long been a topic of debate among football fans, and Josh McDaniels’ recent statement adds a new layer of intrigue to the ongoing discussion. While it remains to be seen whether Brady will indeed admit that the play was a fumble, McDaniels’ comments have reignited the controversy surrounding the ruling. Regardless of the ultimate outcome, the Tuck Rule play will forever be etched in football lore as one of the most debated and controversial moments in NFL history.

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